Monday, October 25, 2010

Metro Station, "Seventeen Forever"

   This week I will be writing about the band Metro Station and their song called "Seventeen Forever." The band members include the following; Mason Musso(Mitchel Musso's Big Brother) who sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, Trace Cyrus(Miley Cyrus' Big Brother) who sings back up vocals and plays the lead guitar, Blake Healy who plays bass, keyboard, and synthesizer, Anthony Improgo who plays percussion drums, and Kenny Bozich who plays drums and keyboard.  Some of these men have not been part of this band since it started. The band was started when Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso met on the set of their siblings show, "Hannah Montana." The two discovered they have common interests in music and decided to start a band.

The band was discovered by Jason Aron, who was an intern at Colombia Records. He was working on the Walking Eye Program and  later, and saw their music on Myspace Music charts. Later, the band was signed to Colombia Records. In July of 2007, the band made the 22 Best Underground Bands (That likely won't stay underground long) in the magazine Alternative Press, which seems to be a really good compliment. Then in September of 2007,  they released their self-titled debut studio album. The album included the singles, "Kelsey" and "Control." But unfortunately, neither of these made any of the music charts. Then mid-2008, they released the single "Shake It", which is one of my favorite songs by them. This song went to number three on the hot digital songs, number nine of Pop 100, Tenth on the Billboard Hot 100,and Twentieth on the Hot Dance Airplay. This album went to number forty-three on the Billboard 200. In 2009, the band toured in the tour called Believers Never Die Part Duex. They toured along with Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, and Fall Out Boy. Then after all this excitement, they broke up in March of the year 2010. The broke up because of the Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus wanting to go solo. The band has been put on hold, and will return when the two feel they could record together again.
I picked this song because it reminds me to live life to the fullest. This song talks about a relationship between two seventeen teenagers. When I hear this song, it reminds me to not waste time in my teenage years because I only get to live it once. I know as teenagers, we take a lot more risks then we should. But sometimes, it's good that we do take the risks because it only makes life more interesting. Though, some teens may choose more risky behaviors, that could influence their lives in a negative ways. But many people have told me you gotta live your life to the fullest. So no matter what I do, I try to live a good, fun, but safe life. It's okay to have fun, but having way too much fun can result in consequences. Check out Metro Station on their personal website or YouTube. Hopefully, they will get back together. I am excited to see what happens in the future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justin Moore, "Small Town USA"

   This week I am writing about a new country music artist, Justin Moore, and his song "Small Town USA". Justin was born in Arkansas on March 30, 1984. He started to perform when he was a senior in high school. After he graduated from high school, he joined his uncle's band, which was a Southern rock band. Then in 2002, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. He moved there to pursue a career in country music. Lucky enough he met a young producer by the name of Jeremy Stover. Jeremy introduced him to  a Scott Borchetta, a industry executive who was gonna launch The Valory Music Company and would most likely give him a record deal.

   In 2008, Moore was signed to the Valory Music Group, which is a imprint of the independent label Big Machine Records. After that, Moore released the single, "I Could Kick Your A$$".  Jeremy Stover and Randy Houser co-wrote Moore's first radio single, "Back That Thing Up". It went to number thirty-eight on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Moore continued to work on his debut album. It was part of a special promotion called "So You Want to Be a Record Label Executive." This promotion put his music on sites like Myspace and iLike, where fans could create playlist of ten of his songs. The top ten songs that were picked were the ones he put on his final album. His next single, "Small Town USA," went on charts in February of 2009. Then following this was a digital EP entitled The "You Asked For It. On the eleventh of August, Moore released his self-titled debut album. He co-wrote nine of the ten tracks on this album. Then he debuted at number three on the Top Country Albums charts. Moore promoted the single and album on a "Small Town USA" tour, which of course began in his own hometown of Poyen. He also had several stops in other small towns, and he even performed acoustic shows at Walmart stores. On October 3, 2009, Moore's single "Small Town USA" became his first number one hit. His third single, "Backwoods", was released in October 2009. This song was his second Top 10 hit with a peak of sixth in April 2010. "How I Got To Be This Way", Moore's fourth single, debuted at fifty-four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This became Moore's third Top 20 hit on the country charts. Though Moore music career is just getting started, he sounds like he has been successful. I am curious to see what will come in the future from him.

   I picked this song because I have lived in Paris, Illinois my whole life.  Paris is definitely considered a small town. My mom came here after getting her last degree at ISU. She decided to work at the Paris Community Hospital. My dad came here to become an employee at Illinois Department of Transportation as an engineer. So I grew up here ever since I was born. Sometimes I really enjoy living in a small town. There are definitely some advantages but there are disadvantages also. I kinda like it here because I don't go to a huge school and there is not tons of people. I don't like to be around lots of people, so this is an advantage to me. The disadvantages are that sometimes you can feel left out socially, but I come to discovered it's good to have close friends but also people who you just enjoy talking to. Coming to high school, it kind of changes your whole outlook on the town you live in. Some of us might never return to Paris after high school. I am undecided to whether I will stay here or not. I know my dad will, but my mom is waiting for the day my brother or me move. I don't exactly want to stay here, but it will all depend on my life at that time. I have a few years to think about that anyways. Overall, I don't think this small town in Illinois is that bad, but probably not good enough for me to stay. If you don't know Justin Moore or his music, check out his personal website or search him on YouTube.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tim McGraw, "My Little Girl"

   This week I'm writing about Tim McGraw and his song, "My Little Girl". The name he was born with is Samuel Timothy McGraw, on May 1, 1967 in Louisiana. When he was little, he loved to play competitive sports like baseball. Little did he know, his biological father was a professional athlete. On a baseball scholarship, he attended University Of Louisiana at Monroe. In college, he learned to play the guitar. He would perform and sing for tips. When his hero, Kit Whitley, died Tim dropped out of college to pursue a music career in Nashville.
   In 1990, Tim got a record deal with Curb Records. Two years later, he had his major hit, "Welcome To The Club" on his self-titled debut album. His second album, "Not A Moment Too Soon", won him CMT Award for Album of the Year and Top New Male Vocalist. In 1995, he released his third album called "All I Want". Two million copies were sold for this album and reached the top 5 on the Billboard 500. The song "I Like It, I Love It" and "Cant Be Really Gone went to number one of the country charts. In 1996, Tim had the most successful country tour of the year. His supporting act was Faith Hill, who broke off her engagement to Scott Hendricks to date Tim. They married October of 1996 and has had three daughters since then. In 1997, Tim came out with another album called "Everywhere". It reached number two on the album charts and sold four million copies. "Everywhere" won Album Of The Year at the CMT Awards. In 1999, he released "A Place In The Sun", his fifth album.  It had many chart-topping singles like, "Please Remember Me", "Something Like That", "My Best Friend", and "My Next Thirty Years".  In 2000, he released his "Greatest Hits" album, it sold six million copies. Then he went out on the Soul2Sould Tour, which I attended in Indianapolis, IN, with Faith Hill. In the next years, he produced his other albums, like "Set This Circus Down", "Live Like Your Dying", and "Let It Go", and "Southern Voice".

   Tim has been extremely successful with his music. But not only has he became famous with his music, he's also appeared in movies. In 2004, he stared in Black Cloud and Friday Night Lights. He was nominated for  Best Male Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards. In 2006, he played Rob McLaughlin in Flicka, a very good movie. He was nominated for Critics Choice Award for Best Song, "My Little Girl". Also a good and funny movie, he played Dallas in Four Christmases in 2008. Then, in 2009, he played in the movie, The Blind Side, a movie based on the true story of Michael Oher.  His recent movies that he's stared in, is Dirty Girl and Country Strong. I think he's quite talented in acting for it not being his career.
   I picked this song to write about my life and memories with my Dad. My parents got divorced when I was around two. I have had different living arrangements over the years. But my dad has always been in my life. He always took my brother and I to church on Sundays. He did everything by himself, and he still does. It's sorta weird that neither of my parents are married again, because most likely that always happens. I remember him showing me how to build a Christmas tree and all those memories at Christmas time. I always was excited because "Santa" came to both of my houses. I remember him teaching me how to fish and helped me caught my first fish, and I was so excited. Then all those nights when he would make warm milk so I could go to sleep. I'm sure he just loved doing that. Also, he has lived in the same house so its cool to think about how different his house has changed since I moved in when I was two. I remember putting the powerpuff girls sheets and stickers on my wall and all those different themes like that. It seems so weird thinking about how many memories I have had with him. He has always been there for me when I needed him. Now, I'm growing up and things are changing so much. He will soon be helping me buy a car, he is getting use to me having a boyfriend, and of course don't forget, he has to put up with my teenage attitudes. But I don't think he cares too much. I know he does remember one thing, how I grew up so fast. But this isn't the beginning of growing up. There are so many more things to come! So, to all those dad's out there, enjoy your little girl because shes not little for long. If you don't know Tim McGraw, then check him out on YouTube or his personal website. He's awesome and has great music!


Monday, October 4, 2010

T.I., "Live Your Life"

   This week I'm writing about T.I. and his song "Live Your Life". His real name is Clifford Joesph Harris, Jr. He was born September 25, 1980 in Georgia. He was raised by his grandma and grandpa. His father lived in New York, he did visit, but his father suffered from Alzheimer's and later died. T.I. began rapping at the age of seven. He went to Douglass High School but dropped out at a young age. He began becoming a drug dealer when he got into his teenage years. He was nicknamed "Tip" by his great- grandpa. When he was a teenager, a record executive by the name of Kawan "KP" Prather signed him a record deal.  Upon signing with Arista Records, T.I. shortened his name because of a label name by the name of "Q-Tip".

   T.I. released five albums all including, "I'm Serious", "Trap Muzik", "Urban Legend", "King", and "T.I. vs. T.I.P". In March of 2004, a warrant was issued because he violated his probation of a 1997 drug conviction. He had to go to prison for three years. His third album, "Urban Legend", went to number seven on the Billboard 200. It sold 193, 000 copies just in the first week. His album's lead single, "Bring Em Out" went to number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. Also that year, he featured in Destiny's Child's single, "Solider", along with Lil Wayne. In 2006, he received two Grammy Award nominations, one for Best Song Collaboration  for "Solider" by Destiny's Child and Best Rap Solo Performance for "U Don't Know Me". That same year he won Rap Artist Of The Year, Rap Album Of The Year, Rap Album Of The Year, Rap Album Artist Of The Year, Rap Song Artist Of The Year, and Video Clip Artist Of The Year on the Billboard Music Awards. At the BET Awards, he won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. His fifth album, King, went number on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 552,000 copies. "What You Know" won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. Also, he won another Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for the song "My Love" by Timberlake. So overall, he has been quite successful. I don't listen to a lot of his music, but i do enjoy this song.

   I chose this song because I love the lyrics to it. It talks about not letting your haters get you down. It's pretty much saying to live your life the way you want to and don't let people judge you. I have always loved the saying. "Live your life to the fullest." I try to live by that saying everyday. I use to care a lot about what people thought about me. But now that I'm older, I don't care as much because I have friends that love me for who I am. I don't need to let others bring me down and tell me that I'm living my life wrong. I have come to find out that people who do say stuff about the way you live your life are either jealous or mad because they don't have a life like yours. I know that I have made some mistakes on living my life but I changed my ways. I think everyone has a least one thing that they know was a mistake but they learned from that mistake. I'm glad I did, because now I'm living a life that I enjoy and can be happy about. I'm one of those people that can't stand having drama or conflict in their lives. I like to have a good, happy, enjoyable life. So, if there's something going on I resolve it because like I said, I want to live life to the fullest. So you should definitely check out T.I's music on YouTube or on his personal website.