Monday, October 25, 2010

Metro Station, "Seventeen Forever"

   This week I will be writing about the band Metro Station and their song called "Seventeen Forever." The band members include the following; Mason Musso(Mitchel Musso's Big Brother) who sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, Trace Cyrus(Miley Cyrus' Big Brother) who sings back up vocals and plays the lead guitar, Blake Healy who plays bass, keyboard, and synthesizer, Anthony Improgo who plays percussion drums, and Kenny Bozich who plays drums and keyboard.  Some of these men have not been part of this band since it started. The band was started when Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso met on the set of their siblings show, "Hannah Montana." The two discovered they have common interests in music and decided to start a band.

The band was discovered by Jason Aron, who was an intern at Colombia Records. He was working on the Walking Eye Program and  later, and saw their music on Myspace Music charts. Later, the band was signed to Colombia Records. In July of 2007, the band made the 22 Best Underground Bands (That likely won't stay underground long) in the magazine Alternative Press, which seems to be a really good compliment. Then in September of 2007,  they released their self-titled debut studio album. The album included the singles, "Kelsey" and "Control." But unfortunately, neither of these made any of the music charts. Then mid-2008, they released the single "Shake It", which is one of my favorite songs by them. This song went to number three on the hot digital songs, number nine of Pop 100, Tenth on the Billboard Hot 100,and Twentieth on the Hot Dance Airplay. This album went to number forty-three on the Billboard 200. In 2009, the band toured in the tour called Believers Never Die Part Duex. They toured along with Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, and Fall Out Boy. Then after all this excitement, they broke up in March of the year 2010. The broke up because of the Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus wanting to go solo. The band has been put on hold, and will return when the two feel they could record together again.
I picked this song because it reminds me to live life to the fullest. This song talks about a relationship between two seventeen teenagers. When I hear this song, it reminds me to not waste time in my teenage years because I only get to live it once. I know as teenagers, we take a lot more risks then we should. But sometimes, it's good that we do take the risks because it only makes life more interesting. Though, some teens may choose more risky behaviors, that could influence their lives in a negative ways. But many people have told me you gotta live your life to the fullest. So no matter what I do, I try to live a good, fun, but safe life. It's okay to have fun, but having way too much fun can result in consequences. Check out Metro Station on their personal website or YouTube. Hopefully, they will get back together. I am excited to see what happens in the future.

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