Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to Rachel's iPod :)

   Instead of writing a music review about a song, I am going to do this blog on what music means to me! I have also enjoyed music. There's never been a time in my life that music hasn't been a part of my everyday life. When I was little, I participated in Children's Choir at my church. I always loved getting in front of everyone and singing. Then, when I was older, I sang solos. I remember singing Peace Like A River, and having Sarah Cochran and Megan Laughton do the motions behind me. I also participated in the Christmas play and was the lead with my brother. So basically, i grew up being into music. Of course when the iPod's came out, I had to get one.  But even before them, I had tons of CDs. My parents both bought we karaoke because they knew how much I love to sing. I would always lock myself in my room and sing for hours on end. My parents would have to beat on the door so I could hear because I had my music so loud.

   As I grew up, I started to love music more and more. I was in Chorus all through junior high until my freshman year. But I'm going to pick up on it again. With all new technology, like the iPod it was easy to download new songs in a push of a button. My eighth grade year, I got my iPod Touch and i have to say, it's my life! I would die without it! I'm constantly listening to music. I listen to music to get through my day. Whether I'm sad, mad, hurt, or happy, no matter what, I listen to music. I feel like I can express myself better with it. Sometimes, I will just lie in my bed and sing songs that play from my iHome. It has to be one of the best inventions someone has made. I love music, and I'm very passionate with it.

  I listen to all kinds of genres of music. If you looked at my iPod, you would see all kinds of different music, but mostly country. Growing up, I have listen to a lot of country and pop music. But occasionally, I listen to rap, hip-hop, rock, R&B, and alternative. I love different genres because there is never a song you can't listen to that won't take the bad feelings away. But there's also song that will make you smile!

   I know if you asked my parents, they would tell you that I'm very into music. I listen to it, when I'm getting ready, when I'm studying, when I'm bored, just whenever I feel like it. I know there are a lot of people in this world that are very passionate about music. It's an awesome thing, and it sure will last forever, which is make it so much better. So to all those artists that got me through the good and bad times, thank you, i love you all so much ♥

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sara Evans, "A Little Bit Stronger"

   This week I am writing about Sara Evans and her song, "A Little Bit Stronger." She was born in Boonville, Missouri on February 5, 1971. She lived on a farm and was the oldest of seven. In 1991, she moved to Nashville to become a country artist. She met her now ex-husband, Craig Schelske, there. She later returned to Nashville and began recording demos. Harlan Howard was impressed by her demo if his song, "Tiger by the Tail," and helped her get a signed contract with RCA Nashville record deal. In 1997, Sara released her first album, "Three Chords and the Truth." This album included a cover version of the song "Imagine That" originally by Patsy Cline. A year later, Sara released her second album, "No Place That Far." Her second single, "No Place That Far," was a duet with Vince Gill. It brought Sara massive success, it reached Number one of the Country charts and the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40. This success certified her album as "Gold." In 2000, she released her album, "Born to Fly." This album became Sara's first album to receive a "Platinum" rating by RIAA. Sara was quite popular at the CMA Awards. She was the most nominated artist with seven nominations overall. She won her first CMA award when "Born to Fly" won the award, Video of the Year. By 2003, she had released her fourth album, "Restless." Her third single on this album, "Suds in the Bucket," was her most successful single. It was Sara's third number one hit and was also a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Restless received a nomination in the 2005 Academy of Country Music Awards. After Restless, Sara re-merged with a fifth album called "Real Fine Place." The single, "A Real Fine Place To Start," reached number one of the County charts in 2005 and the Pop Top 40 at number 38. "A Real Fine Place," was another Gold certified single by the RIAA. In 2005, the album's single, "Cheatin'," was a Top 10 country hit, peaking at number nine. R&R announced Sara as the "Female Vocalist of the Year" in its 2006 Readers' Poll. On May 23, 2006, Sara competed and performed at the 2006 ACM awards in Las Vegas where she won "Top Female Vocalist." In 2009, ABC Daytime and SOAPnet sponsored a tour, headlined by Sara Evans, that featured performances throughout the summer. During Sara's 2010 fan club party in June 2010, she debuted the second single from her upcoming sixth album, "Stronger," which will be released in early 2011. The song titled, "A Little Bit Stronger," which is the only song on the upcoming album not co-written by Sara herself. It was pitched to Sara by its songwriter, Hillary Scott from the Country music band, Lady Antebellum. The song also will be included on the soundtrack to the 2010 film County Strong. It debuted at number 56 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. It's a great song by Sara, definitely one of my favorites!

  I chose this song because it's a very powerful and inspiring song to listen to. It takes about even though times are rough, you got to move on and just get stronger. I think we all have struggled with something that feels like it ruined everything in life. Many teenagers struggle with relationships or family issues, but sometimes you have to realize life goes on and you got to learn from the experience. You can't let it bring you down, you have to get stronger. Even if it does bring you down, you have to build yourself back up to being a strong independent person. In the lyrics it says, "But I'm telling myself, I'll be okay, even on my weakest day, I get "a little bit stronger." I think this is a statement everyone should live by. I personally have had my days that I tell myself that it's not okay, but in reality, everything does work out for the better or at least the way it's supposed to. So if you're ever down, listen to this song. It's a great song to inspire you to get "a little bit stronger". If you haven't heard Sara Evans' music, then check her out on YouTube or her personal website.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Carrie Underwood, "Mama's Song"

   This week I am writing about Carrie Underwood, and her song to her mother, "Mama's Song." She was born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1983. Her family consists of her mom, who worked as an elementary teacher, her dad, who worked at a sawmill, and her two older sisters. When Carrie was little, she would sing at churches and in talent shows. In 1996, Capitol Records was setting a contract up for Carrie until the company's management changed. She later went to college on to study mass communication and journalism. In 2004, Carrie auditioned for American Idol, in St. Louis, Missouri. She was able to get on the show then won season four on May 25, 2005. This was the start to her career.

   Since American Idol, Carrie has become very successful. In 2005, her debut album called "Some Hearts," was released. Her first single, "Inside Your Heavens," debuted at number one on the Billboard 100. Her second single, "Jesus Take the Wheel," won the songwriters a Grammy Award for Best Country Song of The Year. At the 2007 CMA Awards, Carrie won Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year, and Video Director of the Year, all for the song "Wasted." In November of 2006, Carrie won Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards and nominated for Best Female Country Artist. In 2007, she released her second album called, "Carnival Ride." Carrie was more involved in this album then her one before this. On May 21, Carrie performed "Last Name" on the season finale of American Idol. At the 2008 CMA Awards she won Female Vocalist of the Year for the third consecutive time. In August of 2009, Carrie released her third album, "Play On." She has now announced the tour for this album. She has been very successful so far with this album and I'm sure she will in the future as well.

   This song is about how her mother raised her well and taught her how to get through her life. Then, the song talks about how she has found that man that will treat her the way she should be treated. I picked this song because I think parents want their children to do more than just succeed. They want them to be happy. My mom tells me this all the time. She hopes the best for me and wants me to be forever happy. I know parents worry about this sometimes. But I think that it's not just the parent's job to make their children happy. Happiness is within the person and they are in charge on their own feelings, whether it's making themselves happy or not. Parents hope the best for their kids and I know this because I see that and I've heard this from parent's mouths. I don't know how that feels but I'm sure someday I will. I'm glad Carrie wrote this song because it shows that parents do care, and they do want their children to be happy. If you haven't heard Carrie's music then you better go check it out because she one heck of a country music musician! She is one of my favorites! So check her out on YouTube or her personal website.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miley Cyrus, "The Climb"

This week I am writing about Miley Cyrus and her song, "The Climb." Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus and she was born November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee. Her parents nicknamed her, "Smiley", which was then shortened to, "Miley." At the age of eight, she knew she wanted to be an actress. She auditioned for the role "Chloe Stewart" on Hannah Montana. The productors were impressed by her ability to sing and act so at age twelve she got the part for "Miley Stewart", which they named after her. After the success of Hannah Montana began, Miley produced her first single, "Best Of Both Worlds." Then during the second season, she released the album, "Meet Miley." The single, "See you again," was produced on this album, and went to the Billboard Hot 100.  In 2007, Miley launched her Best of Both Worlds Tour. Her opening acts were Jonas Brothers, Aly & AJ, and Everlife. Then in 2008, she released her album, Breakout. She hosted the 2008 CMT Music Awards and Teen
Choice Awards. Later on she starred in the movies, The Last Song and Hannah Montana: The Movie. In the film, she sang her song "The Climb." Now she has another album called Can't Be Tamed and also to be said to be starring in some upcoming movies.

I picked this songs for a few reasons. One, it was my eighth grade class song for our graduation and two, there's so much to say about this song. It reminds me of the journey we take throughout our lives. It's not just achieving things but it's that feeling you get once you have accomplished it. I remember talking about this song at graduation. We talked about how once you are in eighth grade you are at the top of the ladder, then once you go to high school you are going back to the bottom and have to build your way back up again. I find this to be very true. You can see a difference between the seniors and the freshman. But on that way up to the top, you have those obstacles that make you wanna climb back down. But you always find the reason to just keep holding on tight and getting past the obstacle. But sometimes, the climb is the best part because of how much stronger you become. This song definitely has a strong meaning. If you have not listened to it, then definitely check it out on YouTube and check out her personal website. She's not always be my favorite person, but I love this song!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lee Brice, "Love Like Crazy"

This week I am writing about Lee Brice and his song, "Love Like Crazy." Lee was born in Sumter, South Carolina on June 10, 1980. When he was younger, he learned how to play the piano. He also sang at church and wrote his own songs. He was able to enter three contests while in high school, and he won all of those.  He went to Clemson University on a football scholarship. But he ended up having an arm injury so he decided to focus on a country music career. He was in the business by the year of 2007. He made cuts with Jason Aldean, Keith Gattis, and Cowboy crush. He also co-wrote Garth Brooks' 2007 single, "More Than A Memory", with Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs. This song became the first single in the history of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts to go to number one. Lee was also signed to Curb Records' Asylum-Curb division, and released his single "She Ain't Right." Following this single was his other singles, "Happy Endings" and "Upper Class White Trash." All three songs were included on his album entitled Picture Of Me, but it was never released. He also continued to write songs for other artists like Adam Gregory. In the month of August 2009, Lee released his fourth single, "Love Like Crazy." This was the first release from his debut album of the same name. He also helped co-write the single "Still" by another country musician, Tim McGraw. "Love Like Crazy" went to the top ten on the country music charts in July 2010. In September 2010, the song charted for a fifty-sixth week, making the longest charting song in the chart's history. The album's second single, "Beautiful Every Time" was released in 2010 to the radio.
When this song came out, I love it and I would play it over and over again. The chorus of this song is one you could definitely live by. Its goes like this; be a best friend, tell the truth, overuse I love you, go to work, do your best, don't outsmart your common sense, never let your praying knee get lazy, and love like crazy. I think that's just what life's about. This song talks about a couple meeting at seventeen and falling in love, and no one believe they would make it but they have been together fifty-eight years now. I don't doubt that because I know for a fact a couple can stay together that long. My grandparents met when they were in the eighth grade and dated all through high school and college. They ended up getting married, and have been together ever since. I think it's so neat to hear stories like that. I hear and see people that can't be with one person for very long. I do believe it can be hard, but being with one person forever can happen too. My grandparents are definitely an inspiration to me and so is their story. But its doesn't sup rise me that they stayed together, because you can see how much they love each other. They tell me that my boyfriend and I remind them of when they were younger. So I hope I am lucky enough to follow in their footsteps because couples in high school don't usually stay together. If you don't know Lee Brice and his song, "Love Like Crazy", check it out on YouTube or his personal website. This song is pretty amazing; you wouldn't want to miss out would you?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Metro Station, "Seventeen Forever"

   This week I will be writing about the band Metro Station and their song called "Seventeen Forever." The band members include the following; Mason Musso(Mitchel Musso's Big Brother) who sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, Trace Cyrus(Miley Cyrus' Big Brother) who sings back up vocals and plays the lead guitar, Blake Healy who plays bass, keyboard, and synthesizer, Anthony Improgo who plays percussion drums, and Kenny Bozich who plays drums and keyboard.  Some of these men have not been part of this band since it started. The band was started when Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso met on the set of their siblings show, "Hannah Montana." The two discovered they have common interests in music and decided to start a band.

The band was discovered by Jason Aron, who was an intern at Colombia Records. He was working on the Walking Eye Program and  later, and saw their music on Myspace Music charts. Later, the band was signed to Colombia Records. In July of 2007, the band made the 22 Best Underground Bands (That likely won't stay underground long) in the magazine Alternative Press, which seems to be a really good compliment. Then in September of 2007,  they released their self-titled debut studio album. The album included the singles, "Kelsey" and "Control." But unfortunately, neither of these made any of the music charts. Then mid-2008, they released the single "Shake It", which is one of my favorite songs by them. This song went to number three on the hot digital songs, number nine of Pop 100, Tenth on the Billboard Hot 100,and Twentieth on the Hot Dance Airplay. This album went to number forty-three on the Billboard 200. In 2009, the band toured in the tour called Believers Never Die Part Duex. They toured along with Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, and Fall Out Boy. Then after all this excitement, they broke up in March of the year 2010. The broke up because of the Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus wanting to go solo. The band has been put on hold, and will return when the two feel they could record together again.
I picked this song because it reminds me to live life to the fullest. This song talks about a relationship between two seventeen teenagers. When I hear this song, it reminds me to not waste time in my teenage years because I only get to live it once. I know as teenagers, we take a lot more risks then we should. But sometimes, it's good that we do take the risks because it only makes life more interesting. Though, some teens may choose more risky behaviors, that could influence their lives in a negative ways. But many people have told me you gotta live your life to the fullest. So no matter what I do, I try to live a good, fun, but safe life. It's okay to have fun, but having way too much fun can result in consequences. Check out Metro Station on their personal website or YouTube. Hopefully, they will get back together. I am excited to see what happens in the future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justin Moore, "Small Town USA"

   This week I am writing about a new country music artist, Justin Moore, and his song "Small Town USA". Justin was born in Arkansas on March 30, 1984. He started to perform when he was a senior in high school. After he graduated from high school, he joined his uncle's band, which was a Southern rock band. Then in 2002, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. He moved there to pursue a career in country music. Lucky enough he met a young producer by the name of Jeremy Stover. Jeremy introduced him to  a Scott Borchetta, a industry executive who was gonna launch The Valory Music Company and would most likely give him a record deal.

   In 2008, Moore was signed to the Valory Music Group, which is a imprint of the independent label Big Machine Records. After that, Moore released the single, "I Could Kick Your A$$".  Jeremy Stover and Randy Houser co-wrote Moore's first radio single, "Back That Thing Up". It went to number thirty-eight on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Moore continued to work on his debut album. It was part of a special promotion called "So You Want to Be a Record Label Executive." This promotion put his music on sites like Myspace and iLike, where fans could create playlist of ten of his songs. The top ten songs that were picked were the ones he put on his final album. His next single, "Small Town USA," went on charts in February of 2009. Then following this was a digital EP entitled The "You Asked For It. On the eleventh of August, Moore released his self-titled debut album. He co-wrote nine of the ten tracks on this album. Then he debuted at number three on the Top Country Albums charts. Moore promoted the single and album on a "Small Town USA" tour, which of course began in his own hometown of Poyen. He also had several stops in other small towns, and he even performed acoustic shows at Walmart stores. On October 3, 2009, Moore's single "Small Town USA" became his first number one hit. His third single, "Backwoods", was released in October 2009. This song was his second Top 10 hit with a peak of sixth in April 2010. "How I Got To Be This Way", Moore's fourth single, debuted at fifty-four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This became Moore's third Top 20 hit on the country charts. Though Moore music career is just getting started, he sounds like he has been successful. I am curious to see what will come in the future from him.

   I picked this song because I have lived in Paris, Illinois my whole life.  Paris is definitely considered a small town. My mom came here after getting her last degree at ISU. She decided to work at the Paris Community Hospital. My dad came here to become an employee at Illinois Department of Transportation as an engineer. So I grew up here ever since I was born. Sometimes I really enjoy living in a small town. There are definitely some advantages but there are disadvantages also. I kinda like it here because I don't go to a huge school and there is not tons of people. I don't like to be around lots of people, so this is an advantage to me. The disadvantages are that sometimes you can feel left out socially, but I come to discovered it's good to have close friends but also people who you just enjoy talking to. Coming to high school, it kind of changes your whole outlook on the town you live in. Some of us might never return to Paris after high school. I am undecided to whether I will stay here or not. I know my dad will, but my mom is waiting for the day my brother or me move. I don't exactly want to stay here, but it will all depend on my life at that time. I have a few years to think about that anyways. Overall, I don't think this small town in Illinois is that bad, but probably not good enough for me to stay. If you don't know Justin Moore or his music, check out his personal website or search him on YouTube.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tim McGraw, "My Little Girl"

   This week I'm writing about Tim McGraw and his song, "My Little Girl". The name he was born with is Samuel Timothy McGraw, on May 1, 1967 in Louisiana. When he was little, he loved to play competitive sports like baseball. Little did he know, his biological father was a professional athlete. On a baseball scholarship, he attended University Of Louisiana at Monroe. In college, he learned to play the guitar. He would perform and sing for tips. When his hero, Kit Whitley, died Tim dropped out of college to pursue a music career in Nashville.
   In 1990, Tim got a record deal with Curb Records. Two years later, he had his major hit, "Welcome To The Club" on his self-titled debut album. His second album, "Not A Moment Too Soon", won him CMT Award for Album of the Year and Top New Male Vocalist. In 1995, he released his third album called "All I Want". Two million copies were sold for this album and reached the top 5 on the Billboard 500. The song "I Like It, I Love It" and "Cant Be Really Gone went to number one of the country charts. In 1996, Tim had the most successful country tour of the year. His supporting act was Faith Hill, who broke off her engagement to Scott Hendricks to date Tim. They married October of 1996 and has had three daughters since then. In 1997, Tim came out with another album called "Everywhere". It reached number two on the album charts and sold four million copies. "Everywhere" won Album Of The Year at the CMT Awards. In 1999, he released "A Place In The Sun", his fifth album.  It had many chart-topping singles like, "Please Remember Me", "Something Like That", "My Best Friend", and "My Next Thirty Years".  In 2000, he released his "Greatest Hits" album, it sold six million copies. Then he went out on the Soul2Sould Tour, which I attended in Indianapolis, IN, with Faith Hill. In the next years, he produced his other albums, like "Set This Circus Down", "Live Like Your Dying", and "Let It Go", and "Southern Voice".

   Tim has been extremely successful with his music. But not only has he became famous with his music, he's also appeared in movies. In 2004, he stared in Black Cloud and Friday Night Lights. He was nominated for  Best Male Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards. In 2006, he played Rob McLaughlin in Flicka, a very good movie. He was nominated for Critics Choice Award for Best Song, "My Little Girl". Also a good and funny movie, he played Dallas in Four Christmases in 2008. Then, in 2009, he played in the movie, The Blind Side, a movie based on the true story of Michael Oher.  His recent movies that he's stared in, is Dirty Girl and Country Strong. I think he's quite talented in acting for it not being his career.
   I picked this song to write about my life and memories with my Dad. My parents got divorced when I was around two. I have had different living arrangements over the years. But my dad has always been in my life. He always took my brother and I to church on Sundays. He did everything by himself, and he still does. It's sorta weird that neither of my parents are married again, because most likely that always happens. I remember him showing me how to build a Christmas tree and all those memories at Christmas time. I always was excited because "Santa" came to both of my houses. I remember him teaching me how to fish and helped me caught my first fish, and I was so excited. Then all those nights when he would make warm milk so I could go to sleep. I'm sure he just loved doing that. Also, he has lived in the same house so its cool to think about how different his house has changed since I moved in when I was two. I remember putting the powerpuff girls sheets and stickers on my wall and all those different themes like that. It seems so weird thinking about how many memories I have had with him. He has always been there for me when I needed him. Now, I'm growing up and things are changing so much. He will soon be helping me buy a car, he is getting use to me having a boyfriend, and of course don't forget, he has to put up with my teenage attitudes. But I don't think he cares too much. I know he does remember one thing, how I grew up so fast. But this isn't the beginning of growing up. There are so many more things to come! So, to all those dad's out there, enjoy your little girl because shes not little for long. If you don't know Tim McGraw, then check him out on YouTube or his personal website. He's awesome and has great music!


Monday, October 4, 2010

T.I., "Live Your Life"

   This week I'm writing about T.I. and his song "Live Your Life". His real name is Clifford Joesph Harris, Jr. He was born September 25, 1980 in Georgia. He was raised by his grandma and grandpa. His father lived in New York, he did visit, but his father suffered from Alzheimer's and later died. T.I. began rapping at the age of seven. He went to Douglass High School but dropped out at a young age. He began becoming a drug dealer when he got into his teenage years. He was nicknamed "Tip" by his great- grandpa. When he was a teenager, a record executive by the name of Kawan "KP" Prather signed him a record deal.  Upon signing with Arista Records, T.I. shortened his name because of a label name by the name of "Q-Tip".

   T.I. released five albums all including, "I'm Serious", "Trap Muzik", "Urban Legend", "King", and "T.I. vs. T.I.P". In March of 2004, a warrant was issued because he violated his probation of a 1997 drug conviction. He had to go to prison for three years. His third album, "Urban Legend", went to number seven on the Billboard 200. It sold 193, 000 copies just in the first week. His album's lead single, "Bring Em Out" went to number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. Also that year, he featured in Destiny's Child's single, "Solider", along with Lil Wayne. In 2006, he received two Grammy Award nominations, one for Best Song Collaboration  for "Solider" by Destiny's Child and Best Rap Solo Performance for "U Don't Know Me". That same year he won Rap Artist Of The Year, Rap Album Of The Year, Rap Album Of The Year, Rap Album Artist Of The Year, Rap Song Artist Of The Year, and Video Clip Artist Of The Year on the Billboard Music Awards. At the BET Awards, he won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. His fifth album, King, went number on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 552,000 copies. "What You Know" won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. Also, he won another Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for the song "My Love" by Timberlake. So overall, he has been quite successful. I don't listen to a lot of his music, but i do enjoy this song.

   I chose this song because I love the lyrics to it. It talks about not letting your haters get you down. It's pretty much saying to live your life the way you want to and don't let people judge you. I have always loved the saying. "Live your life to the fullest." I try to live by that saying everyday. I use to care a lot about what people thought about me. But now that I'm older, I don't care as much because I have friends that love me for who I am. I don't need to let others bring me down and tell me that I'm living my life wrong. I have come to find out that people who do say stuff about the way you live your life are either jealous or mad because they don't have a life like yours. I know that I have made some mistakes on living my life but I changed my ways. I think everyone has a least one thing that they know was a mistake but they learned from that mistake. I'm glad I did, because now I'm living a life that I enjoy and can be happy about. I'm one of those people that can't stand having drama or conflict in their lives. I like to have a good, happy, enjoyable life. So, if there's something going on I resolve it because like I said, I want to live life to the fullest. So you should definitely check out T.I's music on YouTube or on his personal website.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Le Ann Womack, "I Hope You Dance"

   This week I am writing about Le Ann Womack and her song, "I Hope You Dance". She was born in Texas on August 19, 1966. She was the second of two daughters. Her parents figured out at a young age she enjoyed listening to country music. Her father was a DJ and always took her and her sisters to pick out records. Le Ann studied the piano at a young age. Later on, she graduated from Jacksonville High School in 1984. After she graduated, she attended South Plains Junior College. That was the first place where they offered country music degrees. She became a member of the college band, Country Caravan. A year later, she enrolled to Belmont University in Nashville to study commercial ways of the music business. She interned at the A & R department of MCA Records. She studied at college until 1990. She left school a year before graduation. She spent a few years raising her kids before she reenter the music business.

   In May 1997, she released her self-titled debut album. Many people were not able to differentiate her from LeAnn Rimes but she kept her given name. Her first single, "Never Again, Again", went to the top five on the Billboard country charts. In 1998, she released her second album called "Some Things I Know". Also that year, she won top female vocalist at the CMT Awards and name Top Artist of the Year but Billboard magazine. Her first two singles "A Little Past Little Rock" and "I'll Think Of A Reason Later" on her second album album, Some Things I Know, went number two in the Billboard country charts. In 1999, she released some more hits and won favorite country new artist at the American Music Awards.
   The year of 2000, she released her third album, I Hope You Dance. This album was quite successful. The title track went to number one of the Billboard country charts for five weeks. It also was on the Billboard Hot 100. If you watch the music video for this song, you can see Le Ann's daughters appear in it. Later in 2000, the song "I Hope You Dance" won Song of the Year and Single of the Year. After this album, she produced a few more albums including, "Something Worth Leaving Behind", "There's More Where That Came From", and "Last Call". Overall, I would say she has made some great music and has been successful with it.

   I have always loved this song. My mom always listened to it when it first came out so I got hooked. She always sang it to me because ever since I was little, I always loved to dance. But when I listen to this song, I think about more than just dancing. It makes me think about taking chances and making choices. The lyrics say, "and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance", and I think about how if I have a good opportunity, I better take it. Some times in life we get the chance for a good opportunity or the choice to do something good but we don't always take it. I think we have all took advantage of some things in life for granted. Like, when something good is right in front of you and you are too scared to take the chance to acknowledge it. Sometimes its hard to decide whether you are making the right choice or not. I think we have all been in that situation before. Life is full of choices to make and taking chances. I know that sometimes you have to make choices or take chances that you don't feel comfortable about. But that's why life isn't always easy. You have to take chances even if your not completely sure about them, because they may lead you to something good. Go ahead and make that choice you feel is right because it might work out in the end. In life, you gotta do these things because you never know how it will turn out. So check out Le Ann Womack and all her songs on YouTube or her personal website.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miranda Lambert, "The House That Built Me"

   This week I'm writing about the country music star Miranda Lambert and her recent song, "The House That Built Me". Miranda was born November 10, 1983 in Longview, Texas. She became famous by going Nashville Star. She won third place on the show. Later on, she received a record deal with Epic Records. She made her debut with her song, "Me and Charlie" on her 2007 album called Kerosene. This album went platinum in the United States. This album also had songs like, "Bring Me Down", "Kerosene", and "New Strings". All of these singles, were in the Top 40 on the Billboard Top Country Songs.

   For her second album , Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she transferred to Columbia Records. This album came out in 2007 and the singles on this album include, "Famous In A Small Town", "Gunpowder & Lead", and "More Like Her". All of these singles were Top 20 hits. In July 2008, "Gunpowder & Lead" became her first Top 10 country hit.

   Her third and newest album, Revolution, was released in September 2009. The album includes the songs, "White Liar", "Only Prettier", "Dead Flowers", and "The House That Built Me". Her song, "The House That Built Me", was her first number one hit and it was on top for four weeks. I personally love the songs, "Only Prettier" and "Dead Flowers. They are a couple of my favorite songs right now. I recently watched her CMT Invitation Only Concert and i really liked her songs so i started buying them on Itunes and I'm loving her music more and more each day.

   I picked this song because it's talking about a life experience that happen and changed her life. I think everyone has at least one life experience that changes their life. I know I have had many. Such as my parents getting divorced, moving into new houses, get new dogs, having people die that were important to me, and just going through many changes as I get older. I'm sure many people could relate to me and to others. In the song, she talks about how this house has her whole childhood in or around it. Her hand prints are on the front steps, the little bedroom in the corner is where she did her homework and learned to play guitar, and her favorite dog is buried under the live oak. I have lived in the same house with my dad since my parents got divorced, so I can totally relate to what Miranda is saying. I remember the changes that happen to my house over the years. The living room has been rearranged and has new furniture, my room doesn't have the same bed that it did when i was three, the carpet and color of the walls aren't the same, and my brother doesn't live down the hall anymore. It's weird to remember all those times, but i remember them like it was yesterday. Going through life, you have things that change your life. They might be good or bad, they might impact your life forever or for a few months, and sometimes you might not even notice it's putting a impact on you. But I know everyone had that one experience that changed everything, or at least a lot. Miranda was very smart about writing this song because many of her fans could relate, including me. I enjoy this song a lot, mostly because i love her voice. If you don't know Miranda Lambert then you should try to get to know her. You should check out her website and her videos on YouTube. Shes an amazing country music singer. She's definitely one of the best in my eyes. So don't hesitate to see what shes all about, you'll love her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nelly Furtado, "All Good Things (Come To An End)"

   This week I am writing about Nelly Furtado and her song called "All Good Things Come To An End". Nelly was born December 2, 1978 in Victoria, British Colombia. Her parents were both Portuguese and were imported into Canada in late 1960's. Nelly's parents named her after a Soviet gymnast by the name of Nellie Kim. She has two siblings, one brother and sister. She began singing in Portuguese and performing it, at age four. Her first public performance was with her mother at church. At age nine, she started to learn to play instruments like the trombone and later she learned to play the guitar and keyboards.
   She started her singing career when she met Gerald Eaton and Brain West, who helped her get her 1999 record deal with DreamWorks Records. In 2000, the two men help her produce her album called "Woah, Nelly!" Her three international songs for this album were, "I'm Like A Bird", "Turn Off The Lights", and "..On The Radio (Remember Those Days)". This album got her four Grammy nominations in 2002. She ended up winning Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. In 2006, her she released another album called "Loose". This album ended up being very successful and went to number one in many countries including the United States and Canada. The songs on this album that made her succeed include, her first number one hit in the United States "Promiscuous", "Say It Right", and "All Good Things (Come To An End)".  I didn't start listening to her until she came out with this album. I liked her song "I'm Like A Bird" also, but i didn't know it was her for a long time. So when her "Loose" album came out, I thought I'd start listening to her. My friends listened to this song also, so they got me started on listening to her. I still listen to her songs on this album, because she hasn't come out with anything new lately.

 I thought this song was perfect one to writing about because I personally think sometimes, why do all the good things in life have to end? Well, this songs talks about that issue. In the chorus it says "Flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end?" and repeats that again. I think those are some really good examples, especially, being teenager. Love is what we talk about the most! Whether its going good or its bad and it came to an end. I think just about anybody could relate to these songs lyrics. It's hard not to think about why good things end sometimes. But you gotta admit sometimes good things do come to an end, which sucks. But life wouldn't be interesting if there was not conflict. I think Nelly has become an amazing artist through out the years and she has done a good job continuing to succeed. I can't wait to hear some of her new music.This is one of Nelly's songs a lot of people probably don't know her for. So if you don't know this song or any of her songs, you should definitely check them out and see what its all about. Plus, shes a gorgeous Canadian girl, so why not see what shes all about.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Darius Rucker, "It Wont Be Like This For Long"

   This week I'm writing about Darius Rucker and his song "It Wont Be Like This For Long". Darius was born in Charleston, North Carolina. His mother, Carolyn, raised Darius and his five other siblings all by herself. His father was just never around and he only saw him on Sunday morning before church. His father was in a gospel band called "The Rolling Stones". He didn't have a perfect childhood because his family was economically poor. But they went to church every Sunday and let God takes their problems in his hands.

   Darius started to become famous when he formed the band, Hootie and the Blowfish. He met the band while he was attending the University of North Carolina. One of his band members, Mark Byran, heard Darius sing while he was in the shower. The two became a duo and start singing at the local hangout spot called Hooters. They eventually recruited another member by the name of Dean Felber. Then Jim Sonefeld later joined in 1989. Hootie and the Blowfish came out with the following five albums; Cracked Rear View, Fairweather Johnson, Musical Chairs, Hootie & The Blowfish, and Looking for Lucky. These albums all had songs that Darius, Mark, and Dean wrote together. Darius was the lead singer in this band, so the media made him known as "Hootie".

   Later, after his career with Hootie and the Blowfish, he started a solo career in country music. He became famous with the songs, "Don't Think I Don't Think About It"(his first solo single), "It Won't Be Like This For Long", "Alright", and "History In The Making". All of these songs are on his album "Learn To Live". I personally like the song History In The Making the most. The music video of this song, is my favorite one by Darius. He has only been in the country music for a couple years and he is already succeeding very well. He won Artist Of The Year at the CMT Awards in 2009. He was the first African American to win this award, which was introduced in 1981. That's quite an accomplishment.

   I chose this song because I thought it related to an everyday life of a human. In the song, he talks about a Dad that is stressed out about having a newborn child and his wife says, "It won't be like this for long". IThe lyrics continue to talk about the situations that will happen when the little girl grows up, like first day of preschool ,when the girl doesn't want the dad to leave, and how someday she wont even notice hes gone. Then how she gonna be a teenager, get married, and move out. Then the Dad realizes he needs to cherish the moments with his little girl because it wont be like this for long. Anyone can relate to this situation. Maybe not as a father, but as a person who goes through a rough time. Its so easy to think "when is this gonna be over"? I know i do some days. When you get stressed out, you always get the feeling like its never gonna end. But don't worry, it will. This is a great song to listen to when your going through a rough time because it reminds you, it wont be like this for long, things are gonna get better. I feel that this song can be really inspiring. You should definitely check it out on YouTube or on his personal website.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flyleaf, "Cassie"

   This week i will be writing about the band Flyleaf and their song "Cassie". The band members of Flyleaf include Lacey Mosley who sings the lead vocals, Sameer Bhattacharya who plays the lead guitar and  sings backup vocals, Jared Hartmann who plays rhythm guitar, Pat Seals who plays the bass guitar and also sings back up vocals, and James Culpepper on the drums. The band was formed while they were all living in Texas. They are all Christians and that's where they get their inspiration to write their songs.

   When I was in eighth grade, I became a fan of this band. On their 2005 album, Flyleaf, I enjoyed their songs, 'All Around Me', 'I'm So Sick', 'Cassie', and 'Fully Alive'. This album went platinum, and sold up to one million copies. After buying this album, i went to their concert in Springfield, IL with my dad and boyfriend. I still listen to Flyleaf today and enjoy their songs I listed above. But, I haven't listened to much of their new album, Memento Mori, that's now in stores. Lacey from the band, describes this album in these words, "This album feels like an emotional roller coaster. While listening to it, I was holding my breath at points. The issues definitely got heavier and a little more intense." So I'm assuming its going to have some good songs on it.

   This song is based off a true event that happened called the Columbine High School Massacre. If you read the lyrics to this song, you can learn about the experience of a girl who name is Cassie Bernall. Flyleaf heard about this girl's story and they admired her so much that they decided to write this song. A couple of men got into Cassie's high school and they had guns along with them. Cassie was asked the question "do you believe in God?" by one of the gunmen. She was told if she answers yes, she will immediately get shot. The lyrics start out by explaining she has a question asked that could either take her life or save it. If she answered no, she could avoid death because she wouldn't be shot. But if she answered yes, she would end here life. The lyrics go on to say that written of the bullet was the question, "do you believe in God?". Well Cassie Bernall said yes, and she was shot. Knowing that she was shot, the lyrics state, "All heads are bowed in silence, to remember her last sentence." Cassie proved to the world her love for God and that she was willing to stick up for what she believed in, no matter what the consequence would be. How many people do you know that would be willing to say yes in this situation? Not very many, if any. Cassie was a brave girl and she deserves to be honored like this. I felt like everyone should know this story because its a very powerful one. It's very unfortunate that Cassie passed away, but she will forever be honored.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Paramore, "The Only Exception"

    This week i have chose to write about the band Paramore and their song called "The Only Exception." The band members include Hayley Williams who sings lead vocals and plays the keyboard, Jeremy Davis who plays bass guitar, Josh Farro who plays lead guitar and sings back-up vocals, Zac Farro who plays drums, and Taylor York who plays rhythm guitar. The name of the band was chosen because it is the maiden name of one of the previous bass player's mother. The band was started when Hayley moved from Mississippi to Tennessee. When she was living in Tennessee, she met the two Farro brothers, who are now in the band. That's how it all got started. This band has made four major record albums that include, 'All We Know Is Falling', 'RIOT!', 'The Final RIOT!', and 'Brand New Eyes'. They also have written a few songs for the hit movie "Twilight" that came out in 2008.

    I didn't really start getting into Paramore until there 2007 album 'RIOT!' came out. I enjoyed the songs, 'Thats What You Get', 'Misery Business', and 'Crushcrushcrush'. This album sold over two million copies worldwide. It went gold in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.K. The band went to the top five on the radio charts in countries like, the U.K., Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, and Southeast Asia. This album was the first disc to feature the new guitarist, Taylor York. A year later, the band was nominated for a Grammy Award for 'Best New Artist' but lost the award to Amy Winehouse.

    I picked this song to write about because i think it shows a different side of Paramore. When i think of Paramore, i think of songs that are upbeat and you would rock out to. This song is different from a lot of their other tracks. This song is slower, but it still has that Paramore edge to it. I think the lyrics tell a story. Hayley starts singing at the beginning about her parents being done with love. How it broke both of her parent's hearts. She promise to never make love a big deal unless true love really does exist. But, she continued to believe in love even though she knew that love doesnt always last. She saw what her parents went through and saw how bad it was so she didn't think she would ever find love or a reason to love. I can relate to her situation about her parents not being together, as other people in this world can too. She talks about how she has to find a way to feel okay to be alone or to 'keep a straight face'. She has always lived that way. Trying to keep a distance from love and trying to feel comfortable with the face of being alone. Until she grew up, she told herself that she's fine with loneliness. She said that because none of the opportunities were worth the risk of getting her heart broken. It took her a long time to grip onto reality that heart break will and is going to happen sometime in her life. But now she has discovered that true love does exist. She says, "I know your leaving in the morning when you wake up, leave me some proof it's not a dream." So in other words, she is still shocked that her situation didn't turn out like her parents. She is realizing there is an exception to love, and she has found 'the only execption' type of guy.