Monday, November 15, 2010

Carrie Underwood, "Mama's Song"

   This week I am writing about Carrie Underwood, and her song to her mother, "Mama's Song." She was born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1983. Her family consists of her mom, who worked as an elementary teacher, her dad, who worked at a sawmill, and her two older sisters. When Carrie was little, she would sing at churches and in talent shows. In 1996, Capitol Records was setting a contract up for Carrie until the company's management changed. She later went to college on to study mass communication and journalism. In 2004, Carrie auditioned for American Idol, in St. Louis, Missouri. She was able to get on the show then won season four on May 25, 2005. This was the start to her career.

   Since American Idol, Carrie has become very successful. In 2005, her debut album called "Some Hearts," was released. Her first single, "Inside Your Heavens," debuted at number one on the Billboard 100. Her second single, "Jesus Take the Wheel," won the songwriters a Grammy Award for Best Country Song of The Year. At the 2007 CMA Awards, Carrie won Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year, and Video Director of the Year, all for the song "Wasted." In November of 2006, Carrie won Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards and nominated for Best Female Country Artist. In 2007, she released her second album called, "Carnival Ride." Carrie was more involved in this album then her one before this. On May 21, Carrie performed "Last Name" on the season finale of American Idol. At the 2008 CMA Awards she won Female Vocalist of the Year for the third consecutive time. In August of 2009, Carrie released her third album, "Play On." She has now announced the tour for this album. She has been very successful so far with this album and I'm sure she will in the future as well.

   This song is about how her mother raised her well and taught her how to get through her life. Then, the song talks about how she has found that man that will treat her the way she should be treated. I picked this song because I think parents want their children to do more than just succeed. They want them to be happy. My mom tells me this all the time. She hopes the best for me and wants me to be forever happy. I know parents worry about this sometimes. But I think that it's not just the parent's job to make their children happy. Happiness is within the person and they are in charge on their own feelings, whether it's making themselves happy or not. Parents hope the best for their kids and I know this because I see that and I've heard this from parent's mouths. I don't know how that feels but I'm sure someday I will. I'm glad Carrie wrote this song because it shows that parents do care, and they do want their children to be happy. If you haven't heard Carrie's music then you better go check it out because she one heck of a country music musician! She is one of my favorites! So check her out on YouTube or her personal website.

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