Monday, November 1, 2010

Lee Brice, "Love Like Crazy"

This week I am writing about Lee Brice and his song, "Love Like Crazy." Lee was born in Sumter, South Carolina on June 10, 1980. When he was younger, he learned how to play the piano. He also sang at church and wrote his own songs. He was able to enter three contests while in high school, and he won all of those.  He went to Clemson University on a football scholarship. But he ended up having an arm injury so he decided to focus on a country music career. He was in the business by the year of 2007. He made cuts with Jason Aldean, Keith Gattis, and Cowboy crush. He also co-wrote Garth Brooks' 2007 single, "More Than A Memory", with Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs. This song became the first single in the history of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts to go to number one. Lee was also signed to Curb Records' Asylum-Curb division, and released his single "She Ain't Right." Following this single was his other singles, "Happy Endings" and "Upper Class White Trash." All three songs were included on his album entitled Picture Of Me, but it was never released. He also continued to write songs for other artists like Adam Gregory. In the month of August 2009, Lee released his fourth single, "Love Like Crazy." This was the first release from his debut album of the same name. He also helped co-write the single "Still" by another country musician, Tim McGraw. "Love Like Crazy" went to the top ten on the country music charts in July 2010. In September 2010, the song charted for a fifty-sixth week, making the longest charting song in the chart's history. The album's second single, "Beautiful Every Time" was released in 2010 to the radio.
When this song came out, I love it and I would play it over and over again. The chorus of this song is one you could definitely live by. Its goes like this; be a best friend, tell the truth, overuse I love you, go to work, do your best, don't outsmart your common sense, never let your praying knee get lazy, and love like crazy. I think that's just what life's about. This song talks about a couple meeting at seventeen and falling in love, and no one believe they would make it but they have been together fifty-eight years now. I don't doubt that because I know for a fact a couple can stay together that long. My grandparents met when they were in the eighth grade and dated all through high school and college. They ended up getting married, and have been together ever since. I think it's so neat to hear stories like that. I hear and see people that can't be with one person for very long. I do believe it can be hard, but being with one person forever can happen too. My grandparents are definitely an inspiration to me and so is their story. But its doesn't sup rise me that they stayed together, because you can see how much they love each other. They tell me that my boyfriend and I remind them of when they were younger. So I hope I am lucky enough to follow in their footsteps because couples in high school don't usually stay together. If you don't know Lee Brice and his song, "Love Like Crazy", check it out on YouTube or his personal website. This song is pretty amazing; you wouldn't want to miss out would you?

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