Monday, November 29, 2010

Sara Evans, "A Little Bit Stronger"

   This week I am writing about Sara Evans and her song, "A Little Bit Stronger." She was born in Boonville, Missouri on February 5, 1971. She lived on a farm and was the oldest of seven. In 1991, she moved to Nashville to become a country artist. She met her now ex-husband, Craig Schelske, there. She later returned to Nashville and began recording demos. Harlan Howard was impressed by her demo if his song, "Tiger by the Tail," and helped her get a signed contract with RCA Nashville record deal. In 1997, Sara released her first album, "Three Chords and the Truth." This album included a cover version of the song "Imagine That" originally by Patsy Cline. A year later, Sara released her second album, "No Place That Far." Her second single, "No Place That Far," was a duet with Vince Gill. It brought Sara massive success, it reached Number one of the Country charts and the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40. This success certified her album as "Gold." In 2000, she released her album, "Born to Fly." This album became Sara's first album to receive a "Platinum" rating by RIAA. Sara was quite popular at the CMA Awards. She was the most nominated artist with seven nominations overall. She won her first CMA award when "Born to Fly" won the award, Video of the Year. By 2003, she had released her fourth album, "Restless." Her third single on this album, "Suds in the Bucket," was her most successful single. It was Sara's third number one hit and was also a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Restless received a nomination in the 2005 Academy of Country Music Awards. After Restless, Sara re-merged with a fifth album called "Real Fine Place." The single, "A Real Fine Place To Start," reached number one of the County charts in 2005 and the Pop Top 40 at number 38. "A Real Fine Place," was another Gold certified single by the RIAA. In 2005, the album's single, "Cheatin'," was a Top 10 country hit, peaking at number nine. R&R announced Sara as the "Female Vocalist of the Year" in its 2006 Readers' Poll. On May 23, 2006, Sara competed and performed at the 2006 ACM awards in Las Vegas where she won "Top Female Vocalist." In 2009, ABC Daytime and SOAPnet sponsored a tour, headlined by Sara Evans, that featured performances throughout the summer. During Sara's 2010 fan club party in June 2010, she debuted the second single from her upcoming sixth album, "Stronger," which will be released in early 2011. The song titled, "A Little Bit Stronger," which is the only song on the upcoming album not co-written by Sara herself. It was pitched to Sara by its songwriter, Hillary Scott from the Country music band, Lady Antebellum. The song also will be included on the soundtrack to the 2010 film County Strong. It debuted at number 56 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. It's a great song by Sara, definitely one of my favorites!

  I chose this song because it's a very powerful and inspiring song to listen to. It takes about even though times are rough, you got to move on and just get stronger. I think we all have struggled with something that feels like it ruined everything in life. Many teenagers struggle with relationships or family issues, but sometimes you have to realize life goes on and you got to learn from the experience. You can't let it bring you down, you have to get stronger. Even if it does bring you down, you have to build yourself back up to being a strong independent person. In the lyrics it says, "But I'm telling myself, I'll be okay, even on my weakest day, I get "a little bit stronger." I think this is a statement everyone should live by. I personally have had my days that I tell myself that it's not okay, but in reality, everything does work out for the better or at least the way it's supposed to. So if you're ever down, listen to this song. It's a great song to inspire you to get "a little bit stronger". If you haven't heard Sara Evans' music, then check her out on YouTube or her personal website.

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