Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to Rachel's iPod :)

   Instead of writing a music review about a song, I am going to do this blog on what music means to me! I have also enjoyed music. There's never been a time in my life that music hasn't been a part of my everyday life. When I was little, I participated in Children's Choir at my church. I always loved getting in front of everyone and singing. Then, when I was older, I sang solos. I remember singing Peace Like A River, and having Sarah Cochran and Megan Laughton do the motions behind me. I also participated in the Christmas play and was the lead with my brother. So basically, i grew up being into music. Of course when the iPod's came out, I had to get one.  But even before them, I had tons of CDs. My parents both bought we karaoke because they knew how much I love to sing. I would always lock myself in my room and sing for hours on end. My parents would have to beat on the door so I could hear because I had my music so loud.

   As I grew up, I started to love music more and more. I was in Chorus all through junior high until my freshman year. But I'm going to pick up on it again. With all new technology, like the iPod it was easy to download new songs in a push of a button. My eighth grade year, I got my iPod Touch and i have to say, it's my life! I would die without it! I'm constantly listening to music. I listen to music to get through my day. Whether I'm sad, mad, hurt, or happy, no matter what, I listen to music. I feel like I can express myself better with it. Sometimes, I will just lie in my bed and sing songs that play from my iHome. It has to be one of the best inventions someone has made. I love music, and I'm very passionate with it.

  I listen to all kinds of genres of music. If you looked at my iPod, you would see all kinds of different music, but mostly country. Growing up, I have listen to a lot of country and pop music. But occasionally, I listen to rap, hip-hop, rock, R&B, and alternative. I love different genres because there is never a song you can't listen to that won't take the bad feelings away. But there's also song that will make you smile!

   I know if you asked my parents, they would tell you that I'm very into music. I listen to it, when I'm getting ready, when I'm studying, when I'm bored, just whenever I feel like it. I know there are a lot of people in this world that are very passionate about music. It's an awesome thing, and it sure will last forever, which is make it so much better. So to all those artists that got me through the good and bad times, thank you, i love you all so much ♥

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